Year 10 Badges

This week we have had the pleasure of handing out more KS4 badges to our fantastic year group. This reward system builds on the foundations of KS3, and the parameters are as follows:

  • Gold – over 150 positives with 90% ratio
  • Silver- over 100 positives with 85% ratio
  • Bronze- over 50 positives with 80% ratio 

As of this week, within the year group we have 84 pupils with Gold Badges, 116 pupils with Silver Badges and 34 with Bronze Badges. This results in 98% of the year group attaining these rewards. All levels are a great achievement and as such Mr Manifould and I try to celebrate the success whenever we can. This said, attaining the gold badge, especially within Year 10, is a massive achievement and, therefore, Mr Beeley and Mrs Copeland assisted with the presentation on Wednesday in the Adshead Hall. 

We have all had a challenging year but being able to celebrate with the pupils this week before Easter has been fantastic.

Mr Gubbins and Mr Manifould