Year 10 Art Trip – 15.06.17

Miss O’Malley with this trip report:

“I have not been able to stop singing the praises of Year 10 Art students today. Everyone was on their best behaviour and were perfect representatives of Wellington School – I’m biased but they were the best school out that day!

Mr Manifould, Miss Berry and I took all of the GCSE students to the Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester School of Art degree shows on Thursday to explore new ways of working and to have a look at the final year students’ exhibition. The students started their day by taking part in a different artist led workshop which saw them creating experimental drawings with string, their wrong hands, with their eyes closed and even sketching on the move; one group were also able to produce a set of dry point prints which were beautiful.

Everyone at the Whitworth commented on how amazing Wellington students were, one artist calling them the loveliest group ever; their willingness to engage, work outside of their comfort zone and how polite they were was also commented on.

I hope that the trip has inspired everyone for the last few weeks of term and has maybe started some forward planning for studying Art after GCSE! Thanks to the students, Mr Manifould and Miss Berry for a great day; and thank you again to the Whitworth staff and artists: Denise Bowler, Helen Newman, Oliver East and Alan Birch.”