Year 10

I’m very impressed with the way Year 10 have started their GCSE studies.  Over the past fortnight I’ve deservedly met with several students to issue them stickers in their planners/organisers in acknowledgement of them achieving the highest number of positive referrals in the entire year group over a given period.  When you consider that the year group consists of 254 students, to achieve the highest number of positive referrals over a period is quite an achievement.  I also know Mrs Thomson (Pastoral Manager) has been issuing stickers to those with 100% attendance so far determined from a random draw.   Any students in Year 10 that repeat this accomplishment multiple times over a term will have the privilege of meeting with Mr Beeley and I’ll hopefully arrange a nice edible treat…maybe a pizza…or some doughnuts even! 

Well done Year 10.

Mr Travis