Y13 Language and Literature Appreciation!

“For Guided Study last half term, students in my Language and Literature class had to research in depth the cultural context of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Othello” writes Miss Spencer. “Many in the class did a wonderful job – presenting their work with pride and so much detail!

At the beginning of the same half-term these same pupils were assigned a ‘Holiday Homework’ (we all love those) to write practice essays and produce notes on a choice of specified revision target areas. Some of the work they produced was simply exhaustive – and I was just reading it! Pages upon pages. Essay after essay – and very good quality indeed!

At the very end of last half term I handed back a series of Othello essays which sparkled with quality and were emblematic of the fact that this class – when they choose to – can work so hard and so well.

Anyway – yesterday – when they arrived in my classroom, mid-mocks, somewhat sleepy-looking, we took a moment to celebrate them! Look at all this fabulous work they’ve done. I’m very proud.

I do not say this often enough: Y13 Lang/lit students, you can nail these exams! You are all splendid! Splendid! (Epizeuxis)”