World Space Week and the Manchester Science Festival

Miss Lee with this Science news:

“World Space week came and went last week in the Science department but one or two classes still had to finish their testing this week of their Egg landers (hence the slightly late update). Students were tasked with designing an “Egg lander” that would safely protect an egg on landing when being dropped from 1m, 2m and from the top of the Lynton Stairs. They also had to make sure that they used only recyclable or biodegradable materials in their build. Well done to all classes involved and the photo shows some of the winning designs from 7E, 8Y5 and 9.1!

Also I’d like to remind everyone that the Manchester Science festival has begun and will run for the entire of the half term holiday week. There are loads of activities for all ages to enjoy across Manchester (many of which are free, but you may need to sign up to get a ticket). The staff in Physics department will certainly be getting involved, visiting one of the more unusual but interactive exhibits of “Distortions in Spacetime” where you can “step inside a black hole” – maybe we will see you there!”