World Book Day 02.03.17

Ms Gilbert, LRC Manager, with an update from World Book Day:

“Wellington celebrated World Book Day on Thursday with a number of different activities.

In their English lessons Years 7 to 9 created covers for novels based on their own lives. Competition results are pending…

During break times a number of Year 7s could be seen exploring the school for book characters that various members of staff had been allocated. Their mission was to find the character and then identify the book it belongs to. The motivation? Sweets!  Some were more difficult than others, I am still not sure where “merrylegs” is from!

The Year 7s were also treated to a “Book in a Day.” At the beginning of each lesson their teacher read them the next instalment of a Road Dahl story. By the last lesson of the day they were desperate to hear what happened in the end! (see picture)

March is a busy month in the Book World. We are now looking forward to World Poetry day (21st March) and the start of the book awards season. Something to please all Wellington book worms!”