Wellington Youth Theatre

“A new year called for a fresh uplift of Welly Youth Theatre!” writes Mrs Hamlin. “We have handed over the teaching reigns to our Drama Ambassadors in Year 10 and 11. They have worked really hard to plan lessons for our young thespians in Year 7 and 8 and with a band of merry Year 9’s to help steer the ship they got off to a cracking start this lunch time! Teaching 27 super keen “drama kids” is not easy, especially at 14-16 years old but the team stepped up to the challenge and I was able to eat my lunch and supervise without much input! A dream of lunch time club! Role on next week.

Well done to Jack Deighton-Brown (Year 11), Charlotte Cosh (Year 11), Ollie Chapman (Year 10), Harry Whitehurst (Year 9), Leyton Frankham (Year 9), Ben Rabbani (Year 9) and Josh Rabbani (Year 9).”