Water Polo Tournament 13.03.17

This report on the Water Polo tournament from Miss Challinor:

“On Monday 13th March, Mr Berry and I took 27 students to St Ambrose for the annual Trafford Water Polo tournament. There were two tournaments running side by side which ensured all the students had maximum game play.

Tournament 1 saw Wellingtons’ Green and White teams playing two of the St Ambrose teams in the deep end, and Tournament 2 saw Wellingtons’ Red and Blue teams take on the other 2 St Ambrose teams. All of our teams had a mixture of boys and girls from years 7 and 8, which proved to work really well.

The teams all played a round robin tournament with each game lasting for 12 minutes. This in itself is a major achievement, especially in the deep end where none of the students were able to touch the bottom of the pool! Subs were rotated on and off during the games so students were able to have a quick rest whilst cheering on their team.

The 2nd half of the tournament saw all of the Wellington teams play the semi-finals together in the shallow end – a much welcomed change for the White and Green teams! Game 1 saw Green team take on Blue team and White team v Red team in Game 2.  All the students were able to shine during these games, and their techniques improved dramatically, showing fantastic water polo games that myself, Mr Berry and the St Ambrose staff were all extremely proud of. The Wellington finals saw Green team take on White team in a head to head that all of our students were eager to watch. Goals were being scored by both teams, with the majority of students taking shots and showing off their newly learnt skills. The final saw Wellington White team be crowned Wellington Water Polo champions! St Ambrose were the overall winners who go on to represent Trafford at the Winter games next week, a massive well done to them.

Theo, the representative from Manchester Water Polo, did comment on how amazing our teams were, and asked that all of the girls who played be invited down to the girls’ trials! Fantastic for them.

This was an amazing afternoon, thank you to St Ambrose for organising this and well done to all of our boys and girls who took part and represented the school with the high standards that is expected of them.”

Green team: Jemma, Owen, Emily I, Ben L, Jack, Hannah and Arthur.

White team: Katy W, Lucas, Maisie, Ben J, Will, Katie M and Milan.

Red team: Skye, Esme, Awena, Sean, Sinead, Sam and Lottie.

Blue team: Emily G, Esther, Eva, Abi, Harry and Matthew.