University-Style Reading Seminar: KS5

Last week, the English Department ran its very first Key Stage 5, University-style, reading seminar. Students from a range of classes in the department collected a pre-read and independently prepared for an in-depth discussion. Year 12 students sat down with Y13 students, Miss Spencer and Miss Hitchens, and thrashed out their literary opinions on Charlotte Perkins-Gilman’s classic short story The Yellow Wallpaper

It was a very civilised affair! We all enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit alongside our earnest discussion.

Attendees really impressed me with their thoughtful views on Gilman’s text. Students were able to make connections between the story and the themes and stylistics of texts currently studied as part of the curriculum; however – more impressively – they were ready to talk openly and respond perceptively to one another. 

The next reading seminar will be on Leo Tolstoy’s The Kreutzer Sonata and it is open – as ever – to KS5 students of any subject and any staff. The pre-read is available from Room 23 as of 08/11 for the seminar on the 18th of December at 3:05.

Miss Spencer

KS5 Co-ordinator