UK Radiological Oncology Congress – 15.06.17

Miss Lee with this trip report:

“On Thursday a group of Year 10s were invited to attend the UK Radiological Oncology Congress. When we arrived students were allowed to explore the exhibits and learn more about how different ways of using radiation in the medical field and beyond. Some of our students got to use the Ultrasound machine on a “foetus in amniotic fluid” whilst Mo Bawadekji managed to get himself at the front of the queue to try on the radiation suit (see photo). Much to his surprise it was a lot harder to get into than it looked! Once the students were suitably refreshed with all the juice and biscuits that they could consume we were treated to a guest lecture by Professor Lord Robert Winston (renowned for his research in IVF and fertility and his TV programme “Child of our Time”). The students were all in agreement that he is a truly inspirational scientist and he is someone that certainly knows how to captivate an audience with his research work. This was followed by the second highlight of the day which was the free goody bag on the way out. The students behaved impeccably at the event and we were even given a compliment by a member of the public on the tram back to school. Overall, a great day out!”