Tokyo 2021 Olympics DT Project

KS3 students were challenged with a project based on the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, they had to develop their investigative skills to research Olympic kit designs. From their investigation’s students designed logos and outfits for different sporting events for Team GB.  These designs had to consider materials and the functions features needed to allow the athlete to perform. 

Following this, students had to consider the dietary requirements of athletes to optimise their performance in competition.  Students investigated what kinds of foods athletes need to eat, which nutrients are important, and they then used the information to plan a nutritious meal for an Olympian. 

KS3 students worked extremely hard, and we are delighted to announce the winners:

Beth Field 7ASN, Lucy Gibson 8EDS, Aiza Iqbal 7ETS, George Lewis 7ETS, Freya Miller 8LMN, Oscar Newton 7JHY, Sarah Page 8PCL, Harrison Sykes 8LMN and Abigail Turl 8PCL  

Some amazing work! 

Mrs Booth & Miss Ryan