This week in Science Club:  Elephant’s Toothpaste!

This Science club report from Mr Ashfield:

“This Wednesday lunchtime our young Scientists were able to investigate the very popular ‘Elephant’s Toothpaste’ reaction.  Armed with yeast and three other chemicals (hot water, hydrogen peroxide and washing up liquid), when the students completed the final step of the process they were rewarded with a tray-full of foam spilling out of their conical flask!

Groups that worked quickly enough had time for a second reaction and some got very creative by blending the foam of their two reactions with different colours; we could have passed for a strange-smelling ice cream shop by the end of lunchtime!

Before we got the reactions underway, students were able to discuss the theory behind what was going to happen.  We identified that in order to make foam and bubbles, our reaction needed to produce a gas and one of our Year 7s correctly predicted that water and oxygen gas would be produced from hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).  The washing liquid would help to stick the bubbles together and the warm yeast was our catalyst – something we can add to any reaction to make it happen faster and more dramatically!

We are looking forward to keeping our Wednesday lunchtimes interesting over throughout the rest of the year with more exciting experiments and experiences.”