Talent 2030 – Year 8

Miss Tierney with this news:

“For the past 3 months’ six Year 8 girls have been working hard to complete their entries for the Talent 2030 competition. Talent 2030 is a national competition aimed at getting more girls interested in engineering by asking them to create a solution to a 21st century problem.

Eve Cripps, Miwa Bailey and Erin Campbell have spent the last three months learning about how the UK could start generating it’s energy through nuclear fusion. This is not normally taught until GCSE but the girls have gone into it with enthusiasm and have produced an extremely informative website outlining what fusion is and whether it is a viable solution to stopping global warming. They have now submitted their project and it can be viewed at www.bobo1360.wixsite.com/website. They said, “This project really inspired us to pursue careers as female engineers”.

Izzie Hornby, Georgia Forsyth and Hannah Fielding also designed a website for their entry but decided to focus on electric cars. They found out that electric cars aren’t all that they are cracked up to be, as a lot of CO2 is produced in the production of the engines. To solve this, they looked into whether hydrogen fuel cells could be used in cars. Again, a lot of the science was well above Year 8 level but they approached the project with a brilliant attitude and produced a brilliant end product. Their website can be viewed at www.ishish14.wixsite.com/electric-cars. They said, “We have really enjoyed getting our teeth into this project, we have learnt that electric cars are not as good as they seem but have learnt about more ways to protect the environment for our futures.”

Well done to all the girls.”