Spelling Bee Brilliance

This news from Miss Spencer:

“In the final term of their first year at Wellington School, the English Department set Year 7 a challenge: how would they fare in a Spelling Bee?

Every class took part, showing off their spelling prowess. The class winners, listed below, all took home certificates and a £10 Trafford Centre voucher.  

7A – Sam Pearson

7E – Elizabeth Pughe

7F – Miles Billington

7H – Lewis Neli

7I – Idrees Choudhury

7N – Charlotte Colledge

7O –  Sophie Dixon

7R – Declan Gorton

7S – Megan Haider

7T – Lincoln Valentine

In the final today it was Charlotte Colledge who took home the 2019 trophy, beating Megan Haider and Sam Pearson (who both placed second).

I was very impressed by students successfully navigating the spellings of such brain-twisters as VICARIOUSLY, EXEMPLARY and SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Well done to the whole of Year 7 for taking part!”