Space Webinar 04.07.17

Miss Lee reports:

“This week saw the last of our 3 Space webinars with University College London. We had a small but dedicated group of attendees who were able to speak to Space Scientists in relation to their chosen field of research. Will Dunn started by telling us about current research in searching for life on other planets and moons. This was followed by Professor Lucie Green sharing her work on our explosive sun. Our final instalment was “How to make a light saber”, by Dr Martin Archer, which generated the most questions by far from the students. The explanations of the plasma Physics behind it were of A-level standard but it didn’t stop some of our Year 8’s enjoying the event and from getting involved. Thanks got to Will Dunn at UCL for running a great outreach programme and hopefully they will put on a few more in the next academic year.”