Sixth Form Information Evening

“Well, Tuesday evening was a busy time for our Sixth Form team” writes Miss Grey. “We held an information evening for our parents and students to outline our ethos and structure for the sixth form.

It was an evening of double acts! With Mr Cropper and Mr Beeley opening the evening with discussion of our hopes and expectations for Sixth Form. Mrs Shelley and Mrs Stephens gave a lot of tips and ways of developing study techniques to meet the demands of A-levels. Whilst Miss Grey and Mrs Wilson covered time management, dealing with the stress and pressures of A-levels and life after Year 11. Finally, Mr Scott and Mr Gerschler discussed the opportunities and nuances of Sixth Form Life and how to make the most of them. Parents could also meet the tutors and get to know the person who is their touchstone for the next 2 years. It was a real opportunity to show the amazing spectrum of support and opportunity we offer in school, to allow our students to flourish and be prepared with skills for the next phase of their life.

We were delighted with the number of parents who came along with their sons and daughters to hear all about our sixth form. One of the key things to A-level success is the partnership between students, parents and the School. With so many changes and oncoming responsibilities in our students lives, in and out of school over the next 2 years, there are things we all need to be aware of so it can be managed as effectively and smoothly as possible.

All the information and reference material was presented in a little magazine for each family, so support and key points can be referenced at leisure.

The response from parents was overwhelmingly positive, and I have to say we as a team have a good feeling about our new crop of Year 12! Here’s to a great two years!”