Our singing ensembles will be restarting at long last from Monday 14th June. These rehearsals will take place in Year Group bubbles each week between next week and the end of term and, depending on the number of students who are participating, will be in a venue where we can ensure that it is done safely and can maintain a good distance.

The following lunchtimes have been allocated to the different year groups:

Monday Lunchtime – Year 8 

Wednesday Lunchtime – Year 7

Thursday Lunchtime – Year 9

Our rehearsals will take place in Room 18 next week. If students could bring a packed lunch on those days then they can eat in Room 18 before the rehearsal begins.

I am looking forward to seeing all our new and returning singers and hopefully we’ll be back doing what we do best.

Mrs Moorhouse

  Mr Blue Sky Wellington School Timperley Awards Evening