Scout Hut Transformation

Miss Grey reports:

“On a Wednesday afternoon the Sixth Formers participate in Curriculum Enrichment. There are many different opportunities to expand their horizons and build up their experiences from sport to EPQ.

My favourite (not that I’m biased as the Head of Art) is the Creative option.

We have been working on a number of different projects with the view to work in and with the community both in school and beyond our school gates.

The Timperley 3rd Scout hut was our mission! To be transformed from dreary to dynamic! Mrs Lynn a parent and scout leader, had seen the murals we had completed in Pickering Lodge Park a couple of years ago and was keen to have us work our magic in their meeting place.

So this lovely lot worked on designs utilising the imagery pertinent to the Timperley 3rd and referenced the scouting movement.

It was stylised into a cohesive design using the work of American artist William Lachance, his vibrant colours, shape and pattern breathing life into what was quite a dull room.

We had 2 days in the scout hut painting, on what were possibly the two coldest days of the year so far. But the tenacity of our 6th formers shone through, backgrounds planned and painted, details and edges completed. Fuelled by biscuits and a McDonalds delivery they powered through creating this transformation.

Mrs Lynn has forwarded messages of thanks and praise for the work our students completed from the leaders and parents of the Timperley 3rd Scouts, we are delighted they like it after all our hard work.

On our Art Instagram page the artist William Lachance is also impressed and honoured he was an inspiration to this work and commented on the pictures. High praise indeed!

None it could have happened if our students hadn’t been so dedicated and hardworking, seeing a big project through from design to destination. I’m very proud of them and they deserve every bit of praise they get.”