School puts best foot forward for cancer charity


School puts best foot forward for cancer charity

Words by Erica Garth and Mary Pusey

Filming and pictures by Chris Bray, Jonty Bray, Emilia Allcroft and Ed Leicester




Wellington pupils are hoping to smash through last year’s sponsored walk total having raised more than £10,000 so far.

            Sponsor money is still rolling in after the staff and pupils embarked on the latest fundraiser in support of KidsCan. More than 1,000 participants walked the circular route around the Altrincham school; totalling between 6miles each.

The sponsored walk, held on 24th of February, lasted for around 4 hours and aimed to raise £40,000 for the childhood cancer charity




Headteacher, Mr Beeley said the school had been hosting the event for 19 years and so far had raised a grand total of £350,000 for various good causes.

“What we try to do is to pick a charity that relates to young people and is quite local. Kidscan is exactly that, it’s a charity which focuses on children’s cancer and the treatment of it.”





“Last year we raised around £40,000 so this year if we could raise £55,000 that would be a fantastic sum!”

Deputy head Mr Holt added that the charity was chosen by members of the school council who discussed various causes and votes for their preferred choice.    

  He added: “When children get cancer the side effects are not always good and can affect their life. Kidscan finds better treatments for children’s cancer.