‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ Trip

All 17-year olds look forward to learning to drive and passing their driving test – enjoying all the freedoms a car brings. However, it can be easy to get caught up in all the excitement and forget about the true dangers of not only driving a car but also being a passenger. The ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ campaign is run by the emergency services and aims to inform and warn young drivers of all the possible dangers they may face when they eventually pass their driving test. The ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ campaign works towards reducing the number of fatalities on our roads within Greater Manchester through raising awareness of the importance of road safety.

On Monday this week, Wellington School Year 12s went to the event at Middleton Arena where we watched a series of real-life clips from those whose lives had been devastated due to a car accident and the trauma the families of victims are left to deal with. These clips left a huge impact on all of us, a wake-up call to the realities of making the wrong choices on our roads. The campaign opened young people’s eyes to a whole new perspective of driving. For example, we listened to a first-hand account from a nurse who told the story of how she looked after a teenage girl who had been involved in a fatal car collision. The girl unfortunately passed away and the nurse shared how the experience has now forever been imprinted on her memory. Although listening to stories like this was upsetting, they are vital in raising awareness of how one act of carelessness could lead to a drastic, life changing event. Listening to the different stories of paramedics, nurses, firemen and victims highlighted the importance of safety when driving or being a passenger, leaving the audience with an unforgettable experience that would make them think twice about their decisions as both a driver and a passenger. This experience made it clear that we are not only responsible for our own safety, but everyone else’s on our roads.

Thank you to the ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ campaign for welcoming and informing us on the importance of road safety as a new driver, as well as the Year 12 tutors, Mrs Wilson and Mr Cropper for encouraging all Year 12 students to attend and accompanying us on the day.

Written by Faye Gardiner, Lucie Bent and Molly Neild