Rolo the Therapy Dog

Mrs Cooper, Assistant Headteacher, reports Wellington School has new member of staff!

“Described by many as feeling like a sheep when you stroke him, he gets up on furniture and is known to lick people he likes . . . and we love it . . . it’s Rolo our therapy dog!

Rolo is trained by Therapy Dogs UK and works with us once a week on a Wednesday. Of course no therapy dog would be complete without an owner, we are so lucky to have Lucy, Rolo’s owner, who gives up her time also. Lucy is a mental health nurse. Lucy’s late mother Mandy was a valued member of Wellington staff in the school office and later worked as Clerk to the Appeals Panel.

Rolo is a boy of many talents and is involved in the following:

·         Year 7 and 8 “Reading with Rolo”

·         Sessions with students in our HUB facility around wellbeing and mindfulness (led by Lucy). We are currently making “calm boxes” with some of our older students as they approach exams.

·         Spending time in the staffroom at break where staff fight to get their Rolo cuddles!

Parents, if any of you want me to explain the calm boxes, so you can do them at home please contact me – I really see huge value for anyone. It’s a strategy that helps create a toolkit for coping during life’s stresses (we all have them) and helps build resilience.

Lucy reports Rolo’s tail wags as soon as they start the walk to Wellington! I once could hear him from down the corridor whimpering in reception as he wanted to stroll on straight into school and Lucy needed to sign in!

Please enjoy lots of pictures of Rolo in action and then resting when he gets home!”