Roald Dahl Day – 14.09.17

This news from the English Department:

“On Thursday, Miss Hitchens invited Y7 to a ‘Happy 101st Birthday’ party for Roald Dahl. Pupils made Mr. Twit beards, completed puzzles and games and figured out their Roald Dahl ‘secret names’ using their initials. Miss Hitchens is now formally known as ‘The Snoozing Trunchbull’ so watch out if you have pigtails! Miss Hitchens did dare the Y7s to figure out their tutors’ Dahl names to use in afternoon registration – she for one will definitely be referring to English’s Mrs Sheehan as The Squibbling Crabcruncher’ from now on (sorry Miss!). We even worked out that Mr Beeley was ‘The Muggled Bean’! The pupils showed excellent manners and were most grateful for getting to eat cake BEFORE their lunch in a typically Dahl-like ‘upside down’ way! Never has so much cake been consumed in such a short time and it was truly ‘gloriumptious’!”