Poet Laureate Competition

In these tricky times, poetry absolutely finds its value and voice. As John Berger wrote: “Poems, regardless of any outcome, cross the battlefields, tending the wounded, listening to the wild monologues of the triumphant or the fearful. They bring a kind of peace” whether to the reader or the writer.

As Amanda Gorman showed us at President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony, the role of the poet laureate is one of profound importance – offering comfort but challenging us too, to look at the world afresh.

In the English Department we have been running a competition to elect three Poet Laureates, one student per Key Stage, to write poetry that represents the times we live in.

The deadline for entries is 22nd February and already the standard of work received has been astonishing. It has been such a privilege to read the words of our young people today and to know that – from those words – the world of tomorrow is probably in safer hands.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for an update on our competition and the resulting publication which will follow its conclusion. We can’t wait for you all to read what our talented pupils have penned.

Miss C Spencer