Physics Trip to Christie’s Hospital 15.03.17

Miss Lee with a report on the Physics Trip:

“On Wednesday 9 Year 11 and Year 12 students gave up their evening to attend the Christie’s Medical Physics Open evening in Withington. Christie’s Hospital is one of the pioneers of cancer research and we were very privileged to be allowed access to some of their treatment areas after hours. We started off with finding out a little more about the LINAC machine (a device used to treat tumours) and trying on lead aprons before one of our students climbed on to the table of the “gamma camera” (don’t worry it wasn’t on at the time!). We then had a lecture from Professor Marcel Van Herk, a leading expert in radiotherapy, who even has an equation named after him!  He talked us through the processes of how these machines are used to track tumours in moving parts of the body, like the lungs, and how the machines are programmed to deliver the best treatment possible to cancer patients whilst minimising any further risks. He also explained the logistics of building the new proton beam therapy centre at Christie’s, which will be one of two in the UK. Overall, a truly inspiring event and a great source of information to help students understand the importance of Physicists in Radiotherapy.”