Operating Live Theatre – 13.11.17

“On Monday, all Year 12/13 Biologists and Year 11 triple science students were off timetable taking part in an ‘Operating Live Theatre’ workshop” writes Miss Tyrer.

“Pupils learnt about a career in medicine, how to communicate effectively with patients, mixed up the correct concentration and administered anaesthetic intravenously.

They then went on to remove brains from a pig head and identify the relevant parts of the brain, perform an eye removal whilst keeping the optic nerve attached and identify key areas within the cranial area.

 They inserted a tracheal pipe into a set of lungs, allowing an airway obstruction to be removed, dissected hearts and learnt about the electrical control, ECG’s and finished with a dissection of a full digestive system.

 The pupils had a highly educational and enjoyable day with ‘Operating Live’, and hopefully we will welcome them back again next year for any future medics and healthcare Scientists.”