National Mathematics Challenge

On Tuesday 31st June, fifteen of our keenest Year 7 and 8 mathematicians volunteered to take part in the National Mathematics Challenge.  Although the competition was held online when it would normally have taken place in school, the questions were just as tricky as the usual paper version!  Students had to login and complete as many questions (25) as possible within an hour working without any support.  Use of calculators and internet searches was prohibited; only pen and plain paper for working was allowed.
The results came through late on Wednesday and I’m proud to say Wellington school were awarded several certificates, including Silver awards going to Eddie S (Year 7) and Matilda N (Year 8), and Bronze awards going to Anvita V A (Year 8) and Dhriti K (Year 7).
A massive thank you to all those who took part so enthusiastically.  You really did go that ‘extra mile’.  Well done.
For the readers of this article who didn’t take part perhaps you’d like to try one of the questions?   Remember, no electronic devices are allowed (that includes calculators!)
When you think you have the correct answer, why not use an electronic device to check your answer.

If you enjoyed that problem, more questions are available from the UKMT website,

I would like to say a very special thank you to Mrs Fairbairn for coordinating this year’s event and bringing this great opportunity to our students at Wellington School. 

The maths department are very much looking forward to welcoming back all our students again in September.
Have a great summer, doing maths or otherwise.  🙂
Mrs Heaton