Music Department Instrumental Tuition

Mrs Moorhouse with this update:

“As you are aware we offer specialist instrumental tuition here at Wellington School at a subsidised rate of £108 A YEAR! All we ask in return is that your son or daughter contributes to the Musical extra-curricular life of the school. This year we have welcomed 2 new members of staff to our instrumental service and I’ve asked them to introduce themselves to you. If you’d like to take advantage of this, then please click here  for a copy of the letter you’ll need to complete to register your interest. All information regarding our service is in the letter.

Our new guitar teacher is Mr Billingham: I’ve been teaching guitar here at Wellington School since October. I specialise in Classical Guitar and trained at the Royal Northern College of Music and London College of Music. I perform often and am also a very experienced teacher of all styles of electric, bass and acoustic guitar as well as classical. Along with basic skills I ensure that lessons are creative and aim to encourage students to discover individual creativity, interests and style. Grades exams in classical and electric guitar can be taken along with performances towards GCSE Music courses.



Mr Parkinson has joined us as our new drum teacher: I am a professional touring drummer and tutor and have been for the past 15 years, performing and recording a

t venues, festivals and radio stations across the UK and Europe. In the first few lessons we will cover the basic skills needed to play the drums such as coordination, timing and technique. Eventually learning to read and perform popular pieces of music from a wide range of genres. I also teach students RockSchool or Trinity graded examination pieces, resulting in public examinations and/or GCSE graded work. If you’re a beginner and worried about practicing, a drum kit is not essential for practicing at home, only a pair of drums sticks on a sofa or boxes will be adequate at this stage. Likewise, you can always book the drum room to complete your practice either before, during (lunchtimes) or after school. Drumming is my passion and I hope to pass on my skills and knowledge to young musicians or those wanting a new and exciting extra-curricular activity.

If you have any questions regarding this, then please contact myself on the school number or using the Contact form on the website.”