MFL This Week

Mrs Williams reports on what has been going on in the MFL Department:

“This week Mrs Stevens’ Year 7 French learnt some facts about Halloween and La Toussaint in France. Pupils also learnt some French vocabulary to describe their Halloween costumes in French. Spooky!!

Mr Ramsumair’s Year 7 classes have been writing colour poems in German, using their creativity and new-found understanding of German nouns.”

Mrs Collins 9J group have been working with Raphaela, our Austrian Assistant. They have been learning how to discuss their like and and dislikes and argue about them in German. Du spinnst! (You’re mad!) and Halt die Klappe! (Shut up!) have been popular. Raphaela has been impressed with their level of conversation.

Mrs Collins 8Y5 group have been talking about where they live and describing their town and home.”