Maths Trip to Haydock Racecourse

“The Maths trip to Haydock Race course was a resounding success and a great day was had by all” write Mr Morfee and Mrs Fairbairn. “There was a lot of mental arithmetic converting furlongs to miles and comparisons made between many metric and imperial units. Given how the UK is in limbo between these two systems, this was a great learning experience for all. Pupils also estimated weights in the weighing room and discussed ways in which jockeys could reduce the weight of their clothing and safety gear. They also looked at how lead weights can be added to make the race a fairer contest between experienced and novice jockeys.  

After lunch there was great excitement seeing the morning’s maths take shape in the races of the afternoon. Judging by the 8.30am torrential downpour, the odds weren’t good for a fair day, but the clouds soon disappeared, the ‘going was good’ and the day ended on a sunny high. A trip definitely worth repeating!”