Maths in Careers

Last Friday sixty Year 9 and sixty Year 10 students took part in a presentation to showcase three different careers that require the skills learnt within the Maths classroom. The aim was to show students that having good qualifications within Maths doesn’t just lead to jobs as accountants or even (the best job!) Maths teacher but a plethora of jobs. An Architect, a risk management Actuary and a data journalist from The Economist all contributed to the hour-long presentation. All three described their fascinating jobs in detail discussing the importance of Maths within their jobs. Students had a chance to ask them questions, ranging from the qualifications needed and the choices they made to how much each profession earns. This meant an immediate interest in an Actuary, a job I’m not sure many knew existed before! Students then had chance to reflect on their own choices and possible paths in education. 

Mr Hodson