The Mathematics department are celebrating the following Stars of the Week this week …

 Miss Cradick awards Jack Deighton-Brown in Year 9. She comments “Jack is really a star in Maths every week. He tries his hardest in every lesson and goes above and beyond my expectations. He is an excellent problem-solver and can apply his skills to any situation. Jack is a delight to have in the class and has the makings of a great mathematician!”

 Mrs Golden awards her Star of the Week to Evangelia Boukouri in Year 8. Mrs Golden comments “Eva always works to the best of her ability and produces classwork and homework to a high standard. I have been particularly impressed with Eva, as she has on more than one occasion, come to see me in her own time to work through any misconceptions she may have with the work. Well done Eva and keep up the good work.” Thanks to Mrs Heaton for the update.