Linguist of the Term

“In the MFL department all teachers have nominated their Linguist of the Term and the following individuals have been awarded the title” writes Mrs Stevens. “As well as a letter going home to parents and a prize from the department, the pupils will have their name displayed on the Linguist of the Term board on the MFL corridor.

Please give them a ‘well done’ if you see any of the award winners.”

Year 7

French: Lucy Coleman 7NMA, Jamie Coon 7CSR, Elizabeth Pughe 7GBN, Jo Whitfield 7GBN, Jessica Hill 7MRN, Tom Blackburn 7MRN

Spanish: Sofia Popplewell 7FLE, Talia Lopez 7DME

Year 8

French: Eleanor Spurling 8LJS, Holly Appleton 8NMA, Isabel Hornby 8CSN, Evie Needham 8OHN, Sophia Modral 8LJS, Lara Turner 8NMA

German: Grace Cordall 8LRN, Oliver Higgins 8SCP, Tahlia Blake 8LRN, Eleanor Turner 8OHN, Jamie Batty 8OHN

Year 9

French: Kushi Belim 9HTY, Katie Barlow 9MSS, Nia Nanton 9TST, Esme Aldridge 9LTC, Ben Wallis 9MSS, Josh Rabbani 9MBH

Spanish: Abdul Eltoum 9MSS, Ben Rabbani 9MSS

Year 10

French: Matthew Memory 10TBN, Mollie-Jo Rutherforth 10GGS, Kai Marrin 10ESD, Elizabeth Hayselden 10MLE, Mia Liddel 10ESD

German: Joshua Gaskin 10VLE, Ruby Sykes 10JHE, Zara Siddiqui 10SYG, Tom Clayton 10 VLE

Year 11

French: Hannah Awan 11ZSE, Nick Contos 11THN, Aimee Linney 11SHG

Spanish: Georgie Scrace 11ATD, Lucy Smith 11THN

Year 12

French: Alisha Bhudia 12DWS, Eve Smith 12KKY