The start of Wellington School’s LGBTQ+ sessions have been a great success so far. 20+ pupils, ranging from Years 7-11, have been attending the after-school sessions in the Vale Hall. Pupils have remained within their year group bubbles and it has been great to see their communication and interactions with each other.

Pupils in attendance have provided feedback to say that they are happy that the school is running such sessions as it allows them to learn more on an educational level and to simply, make new friends. A further aim of the sessions is to promote inclusivity, equality and diversity within the school community; all pupils should be treated equally which is a sentiment I believe we all share.

Overall, I am really pleased with the number of pupils who have attended the sessions so far and hope it will continue to grow. Its popularity serves to enhance the need for an LGBTQ+ community within the school and I am happy to be able to make these sessions available to those pupils who wish to attend.

Miss Tedford