A Level French Cinema Trip 01.03.17


Mrs Williams with an update on A Level French:

“On Wednesday 1st March, the four Year 12 French students were accompanied by the French Language Assistant Heloise Dufetel on a cinema trip to the Home Cinema in Deansgate, Castlefield.

Year 12 students have been working on a specific topic with their French teachers Mrs Williams and Mrs Whitham for their A-Level: “Le Septieme Art” (cinema in French Culture). Among them, Liv and Lauren are really interested in this field and will focus on two French films (“La Haine” and “Amelie”) for their A-Level.

Therefore, the five of them went and watched the film “It’s Only the End of the World” by Xavier Dolan, a young Canadian film-maker. The film has won the “Grand Prix” of the Cannes Festival 2016, a prize that rewards the film of the year in terms both of originality and quality. Indeed, the film was ground-breaking and the students and Heloise were left speechless at the astounding performance of five brilliant actors: Marion Cotillard, Vincent Cassel, Gaspard Ulliel, Nathalie Baye and Lea Seydoux. The film has won three Cesars (the French Oscar award) for Best director, Best Actor and Best Editing.

Louis, a thirty-year-old writer, has not seen his family for more than ten years. One day, he calls his mother to say he will visit shortly. In fact, he wants to let them know he is to die of a serious illness. However, when he arrives, old tensions surface. Soon he is the centre of reproach throughout the supposedly cheerful event.

The audience is struck by the harshness of their behaviour, while Louis is trying to find a way to make his declaration. The students were reeling under the blow of this unique film. They made plenty of interesting remarks afterwards discussing the various analyses that could be made out of such poetic film-making. They have a sensitive understanding of Dolan, cinema, life!

Many thanks to Héloïse for writing this account!”