‘Lets Breathe’

Mrs Golden writes:

We all understand the pressures of life – course deadlines, examinations, application forms and interviews. Unfortunately, our automatic ability to keep us alive and well fails to work properly and we simply stop breathing correctly. The mind becomes overwhelmed with negative thoughts and panic sets in. So, it was ‘a breath of fresh air’ when we appointed a yoga teacher ‘Geraldine’ to show a number of Sixth-Form Well-being Ambassadors’ different breathing-techniques to overcome these thoughts. Over a 3-week period the students mastered the ‘straw, chopper, visual and lion breath’, which they can now pass on to other students who maybe struggling.

Feedback from the students included: –

‘The sessions exceeded my expectations. Did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did. It was great how effective it was…’

‘I will use these strategies both within the school environment and outside – it will be very useful when dealing with students who are perhaps stressed and need something to calm them down, as well as on friends, family and even myself (especially during exams).’

‘If I am feeling stressed or someone else is, I would use the techniques to help me/others to focus on breathing instead of worries.’ 

The sessions ‘went above and beyond!’ expectations. ‘Very helpful and interesting, especially for tackling exam stress and gathering knowledge on how to help others’.

Thanks to the Well-Being Ambassadors for their sensible approach when faced with a new experience and to Geraldine for her engaging sessions. The school is looking forward to these techniques being shared with other students.”