KS5 English Summer Showcase!

Year 12

Before the summer, Mr Cropper shared with our potential Year 12 students some transition work to prepare them for Sixth Form study in the English department at Wellington School. We have been delighted by the calibre of some of this work which students were able to ‘showcase’ for us in these first few weeks.

Everyone in our Year 12 Lang/Lit class submitted not only their transition work, but also independent research – this really impressed us! Special mentions have to go to Phoebe Shields and Safa Amin in this class. Phoebe produced reams of work, exploring the style and voice of American writers, Fitzgerald and Hemingway; this represents excellent preparation for Paper 2! Safa’s close analysis of Antony and Cleopatra, as well as Browning’s poem ‘Prospice’, showed real perception and a lovely, academic turn of phrase – it’s great to have her join us from Stretford Grammar!

Mrs McDonnell and Miss Hitchens would like to celebrate the amazing transition work produced by Holly Faulkner and Eleanor Lloyd Williams – our Year 12 Literature students – who, along with the rest of their class, have also contributed to a classroom that is brimming with lots of ideas and discussion. They’ve all made a fantastic start to the course. I loved seeing their Gothic timelines on our Instagram page! Beautiful work.

Year 13

Our Year 13 students have been completing their ‘Assessed Task 1’ this week, so much of summer was spent preparing for that challenge.

Most of our Year 13 Literature students have invested lots of effort into their studies during this period. Mr Williams commented on the ‘outstanding effort’ Michael Hough put into ‘researching the different contexts informing The Great Gatsby and The Age of Innocence’. Michael has been really pro-active and resourceful, not only completing the assigned revision pack, but transforming its contents into flashcards for later use. Jenny Gee and Hannah Awan likewise have put hours of hard work in over the summer and arrived in school with a much-improved body of knowledge. They are not alone. Miss Hitchens was delighted by the summer revision undertaken by Literary enthusiasts Eleanor Marsh and Luke Frahill-Jones. Mrs McDonnell even went so far as to say Eleanor’s summer essay was ‘Glorious!’ Well done to these individuals and all Year 13 Literature students who invested effort in their assessment preparation and revision this summer. Keep it up!

In our smaller Year 13 Language and Literature cohort, Harrison Cotterell invested time this summer to plan well for his first assessment and catch-up on some work from lockdown. Deeksha Pal also strived to get herself into a good position to begin the new year. This is great news; lockdown was not easy and I appreciate the fact that we’re making steps to adapt to the current situation, to cope and then – in time – succeed.

Miss C Spencer

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