Interform Dodgeball

Miss Challinor writes:

“What a great way to end the school term. Year 7 to 9 took part in their own inter form competition, with 5 girls and 5 boys representing their forms. This year however, marking our 80th year, we here in PE decided to reinstate the old house system, with each house being named after the ones that were used at Wellington many years ago. So now not only are the forms in each year competing against each other, so are the different houses.

Year 7 inter form was the first chance for the newest additions of the school to really get stuck in and show off their competitive sides, and we were not disappointed. The pool stages saw all 9 forms compete in 3 way round robins, with the winners of each pool heading to the championship competition. Mr Morgan’s form (Banbury house) went head to head with Miss Crump’s form (Thorley house) and Mrs Sheehan’s form (Bloomsbury house) in the finals, and the new Year 7 inter form champions for 2017 are Banbury house (7NMN).

The same was set up with the Year 8 forms. Each form were given their house name and the competition began. Some students felt they had a score to settle after last year’s dodgeball competition and came in all guns blazing. The pool stages identified the top 3 forms who went on to the championship competition. Miss Challinor’s form (Shaftsbury house) were up against some fierce competition from Mrs Booth’s form (Dunham house) and Mrs Whitham’s form (Thorley house). This year the Year 8 inter form dodgeball champions are Shaftsbury house (8SCR) who have now retained the title for the 2nd year running.

The final inter form competitions came from the Year 9s. With this being their final inter form dodgeball competition, the atmosphere was electric. Every form wanted to be able to say they were the best dodgeball team for the final time. The pools saw some shock defeats and some outstanding wins, meaning Miss Carter’s form (Shaftsbury house), Mr Little’s form (Tatton house) and Mr Brown’s form (Harcourt house) entered into the championship competition. Each form gave absolutely everything, with each game finishing incredibly close. However, there can only be one winner. This year’s Year 9 inter form dodgeball champions are Shaftsbury house (9HCR).

A massive well done to every student who competed in the competition (90 per year group) and a big thank you to the year 10 GCSE PE helpers who were umpiring the games. Everyone’s behaviour and attitude was fantastic, and every student was a credit to their form, new house, and the school.

We will be holding more inter form/ inter house competitions throughout the year so watch this space.”