Ice Skating News 16.01.17

An update from Mrs Evans on ice skating success for daughter Lucy and fellow skaters Imogen and Tilly :

“I am writing to update you about three Wellington pupils who skated with Altrincham Synchro Club teams at the British Synchronised Skating Championships this weekend.

Tilly Richardson (Year 8) joined the elementary team, Altair, at the end of last year and gained a Silver medal at the Wales and West Synchronised skating competition in November. Tilly and her team skated at the British Championships on Saturday, they won the silver medal and achieved a personal best score.

Imogen O’Mahoney (Year 10) and Lucy Evans (Year 11) both skated on Sunday. This season Lucy and Imogen both skate with the Whizz Kids who have moved up into the Advanced Novice B category and Lucy is also vice-captain of the newly formed preliminary team, Luna. Luna was the first of the Altrincham teams to skate on Sunday and achieved a personal best score placing 7th in a category of 13 teams. The Whizz Kids (Lucy and Imogen’s team) were the last Altrincham team to skate and won their category so are British Champions for Advanced Novice B 2017. The girls do not have time to rest as they will be back to on ice and off ice training this week in preparation for the next competition of the season, the Trophy D’Ecosse in Dumfries next month.

We would like to thank you again for your continued support of the girls’ skating.”