Ice Skating News

Mrs O Mahoney shares this news about Imogen and Tilly’s synchronised skating success last weekend:

“Imogen O’Mahoney (Year 11) and Tilly Richardson (Year 9) competed last weekend in the Trophy De’Cosse International synchronised skating competition in Dumfries in their team The Whizz Kids.

There were teams from Canada, USA, Netherlands, Finland, Scotland and England competing. The Whizz Kids did it again, earning yet another PB ensuring that they got Gold and are now International and British Champions. Tilly also skated in team Altair who had a lovely smooth skate against several other international teams.

What is so lovely about these competitions is seeing all the skaters from all the different teams getting along, supporting each other and having a great time which is fabulous to see.

This was a fantastic end to the Synchro season and we are all extremely proud of the girls who have already been back at the rink early in the morning training for next season.”