Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

It has become an annual tradition for Year 9 Historians to mark Holocaust Memorial Day every January by listening to a Holocaust survivor’s testimony. These events are so valuable for all who take part and we’ve been fortunate to have had some memorable visits from Joanna Millen, Tomi Komoly and Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines. We didn’t want Year 9 pupils to miss out this year so the History Department were delighted when the Holocaust Educational Trust announced that this year they would broadcast a survivor’s testimony digitally.

On Tuesday 26th January, all Year 9 pupils were invited to hear the testimony of Eve Kugler BEM. Eve was born in Halle, Germany in 1931. She witnessed the events of Kristallnacht in November 1939, after which her father was sent to Buchenwald Concentration Camp. In June 1939, the family fled to Paris on a forged visa. After living in the occupied city, by chance, Eve and one of her sisters were able to find refuge in New York. Eve’s other sister went into hiding and her parents survived the concentration camps. The family was reunited in New York in 1946. Eve worked as a journalist until she moved to London in 1990.

Eve spoke about her heartache at missing her family after leaving Europe. The resilience Eve’s family showed to rebuild their lives again in the USA after having lived through the period of Nazi occupation was an inspiration for all listening. Eve’s testimony contained so many important messages about tolerance, respect for individuals and appreciation for all we have. Year 9 were very thankful that Eve took time out to speak to them and we hope to host a Holocaust survivor at Wellington again sometime in the future. Hungarian

For more information about Eve, and her book, please see: www.shatteredcrystals.net

Mr Gerschler