Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 7th February 2020

Well, a very good morning to you!

Lovely stroll from Altrincham Interchange into School earlier, as I do like a cold dry morning; crisp under foot with that light frost and the sun beginning to creep from behind the trees in the distance a little earlier each day.  Naturally, there’s always an extra spring in one’s step on the last day of (half) term.  It’s that thought of a Sunday night without the preoccupations of the pending working week coupled with the prospect of a bit of lie-in on Monday morning.  I hope you all have something nice planned for the break.  Chatting to the Year 11 and Year 13 helpers at parents’ evening last night, being the conscientious types they are, they’ve got a full-on week of revision planned but I encouraged them to plan their social / chill-out times into their schedules as that is absolutely crucial.

Personally, I have a termly report to write for Governors and a spot of gardening to do on the 80th garden, joined as always by our horticultural guru and parent Helen Drake.  My children are off as well so we will certainly do some fun stuff too.  Although, the age they are perhaps the words dad and fun are uncomfortable partners in the same sentence.  Anyway, with a busy weekend of sport ahead, I do hope storm Clara / Cara (whatever she’s called) stays away. 

Thank you to all the Year 8 parents who came along last night to discuss their child’s progress.  There was a real buzz of positivity around the hall as always and the feedback was great.  One of the more frequently uttered comments from parents is how well our teachers know the children for the unique individuals they are.  I have lost count of how many times I have repeated the mantra that if we genuinely ‘care’ for our young people, we will take the time to get to ‘know’ them well and will then, ultimately, meet their needs.  It isn’t really that complicated, is it?  Just one more parents’ evening of this season left to go; Year 9 after half-term as they reach the culmination of their KS4 options’ process.  I hope they are starting to arrive at those important decisions.  Help is always on hand.

I can’t go on for too long today as we are interviewing for a new Maths teacher shortly, so I will leave you to read this week’s contributions from my colleagues in Latest News.

On Tuesday evening, we had a ‘sizing’ session for our tour kit for South Africa.  The students were inevitably rather excited (as were some of the staff), as the reality of the trip started to hit home; we will be on that plane in around 8 weeks after a 2-year lead-in, which I have to say has absolutely flown by. 

It was an absolute pleasure once again to have breakfast with 40+ Year 7-9 students on Wednesday morning, an acknowledgement of their endeavours over the last half-term.  There were some familiar / ever-present (and quite justifiably so) faces in attendance but also a good number of first-timers.  Mrs Cooper and Mr Tomlinson have struck an excellent balance between rewarding the perennial high-flyers but also those who have made great strides forward and are beginning to demonstrate their ‘personal best’.  Well done to all concerned; it really made my day!

A bit of sport, Year 9 options carousel, reward breakfast for top-performing Year 9 girls in Computer Science, Governors’ meetings, Elevate sessions for some Year 7-9 students, Rolo the therapy dog, Geography trip to Iceland, a drama workshop with a member of the cast of the musical Cats and a digital skills day for 30 Year 9 girls at Manchester Science Park – just some of this week’s events and activities.  Nothing like winding down for half-term!  As if that would ever happen here!  I’m sure these and other items will provide for your Friday night reading pleasure.

I may have given the odd hint over the years that one of my interests is sport, and the sporting weekend got off to a great start last night with an outstanding victory for Warrington Wolves over champions St Helen’s in Super League.  Fingers crossed that winning feeling will prove contagious as England play Scotland in the 6 Nations tomorrow, after a dismal defeat in Paris last Sunday.  More importantly, however, I’m pleased to report that my Warrington Under 18 side did indeed win their vital top-of-the-table clash against Wirral last Sunday, with a try in the dying seconds. 

FYI, I’ve given up on football – I really can’t put myself through the pain any longer – masochism is not my thing.

A few spray tans on display today (staff and students!) as people prepare to jet off to warmer climes. I don’t really understand this as I thought the whole point of going somewhere hot was to get a tan, not to go with a ready-made one. Anyway, as a pale-skinned ginger, what do I know about tanning.  I’m actually just a tad jealous.  Nevertheless, it is indubitable that I will enjoy a fabulous week (or at least a few days) ‘off’ work to unwind and recuperate before beginning the next chapter of the Wellington story.  I must thank you all for the part you have played, however small or seemingly insignificant, in what has been a remarkable 5 weeks; whether you attended parents evening (plural in many cases, of course), came to see ‘Annie’, picked your son/ daughter up after practice, helped them with a challenging piece of homework, delved deep into your pockets to fund a trip or any of the other invaluable contributions I have failed to mention, I am eternally grateful for your support and your help in making Wellington a pretty special place (yes, of course I’m biased!).

Have a great weekend and enjoy the break if indeed you’re getting one.

S Beeley