Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 6th March 2020

Good evening,

And what another glorious morning it is too!  It’s been lovely this week travelling in on the bus from Warrington with the sun rising that bit earlier and a crisp frost covering the ground, rendering the Dunham landscape particularly picturesque.  I’m sure it’s not just me but the longer days, a bit of sunshine and an end to storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge seem to do wonders for one’s mood; a real spring in one’s step as we approach Spring!  Having said that, after a late meeting at the rugby club last night, I couldn’t face a 5.20 alarm, jog and bus so I ‘borrowed’ a car for the day (I hope my eldest daughter wasn’t planning on going anywhere today).  I’m sat here now with a real sense of guilt and shame that I was unable to muster the willpower to stick to my routine.  Note to self; get a backbone, Beeley!

Last day of mocks for Year 11 and, I have to say, they’ve been brilliant.  Mr Gubbins couldn’t be happier with their conduct throughout.  We now await the scores on the doors to see whether, both individually and as a cohort, they’ve made progress since December.  They certainly deserve to do well and, hopefully, these assessments will be a timely boost for our students.  Mr Gubbins has a little treat lined up for them during Period 5 by way of an acknowledgement of their efforts.  The Year 13s finished their mocks last Friday and the marks are now all in ahead of A level Mock Results Day next Tuesday.  Similarly, I’m sure they will reap the rewards of their hard work (or otherwise). 

Lots to catch up with in Latest News this week.

I always enjoy hearing about our youngsters’ endeavours outside of School, so a big thank you to those of you who send in any snippets of news.  I appreciate our students are a self-effacing lot and don’t particularly like to blow their own trumpets, so it’s important that we, teachers and parents, do it on their behalf.

Girls’ football has grown hugely since the World Cup last year and judging by the report of Ruby Sykes in Year 11 and her experience at St George’s Park last weekend on a Girls Into Refereeing course, and the plans for ‘Wildcats’ football at Timperley SC, we’re well placed locally to build on and benefit from that expansion.  We’ve got some cracking footballers amongst the girls here at Wellington.

Well done, also, to Daisy Edwards in Year 7 for more dancing success.  Read the brief report for further details.

It’s been a busy sporting week with rugby, football and netball fixtures all taking place, seemingly with mixed fortunes, but I shall leave you to read the reports yourselves.  On a general sporting note, and I know the results are pretty immaterial in the grand scheme of things, but hasn’t it been joyous to see Liverpool lose twice in a week? Sorry, I just can’t help myself sometimes. Hope I haven’t offended anyone from Merseyside.

Mrs Fairbairn has been as active as always, taking a group of Year 10 Mathematicians to the University of Manchester for another fun-filled day of sums!  You can read her report.

The MFL department continue with a flurry of activities, following last week’s inundation of articles.

English have been busy with A level studies days and activities around World Book Day on Thursday, and I look forward to reading more about those events this evening.

The whole of Year 12 attended the annual UCAS Convention at Manchester Central, which ordinarily helps to provide a focus for those HE applications in the autumn and the 18 months of study ahead.  I hope they found it useful.

Mrs Copeland reports that we have reached £16,000 in our sponsored walk fundraising for Cash for Kids.  That’s a fantastic amount after only two weeks.  We are well on course to hit that £30k + total once again with a good many students still to return their sponsor money.  Can I ask you to give them a nudge and bring it in as soon as possible?  I appreciate many of them have had exams and other preoccupations but we would be grateful for your help in making sure every last penny is collected for such a worthy cause. 

We have our second Bronze D of E training day for Year 9 in School tomorrow, coordinated by our intrepid leader Miss Challinor.  Putting up tents and cooking are on the agenda, plus a bit of tweaking of route plans for our practice expedition.  I mentioned after the first day, that we were impressed with the 98 students who have chosen to enrol on the scheme this year.  The weather is set fair, so should be a good day.

Looking at next week’s bulletin, there’s a helluva lot going on!  One of my highlight’s of the Wellington School calendar is the Year 7 project presentations, which this year take place next Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  I can’t wait! On these occasions we really do see the very best of our young people, both in the quality of their work and confidence and eloquence of their delivery.  Thanks to Mrs Shelley for coordinating once again and for the colleagues (Year 7 tutors in particular) who have helped them over the last few weeks.    

Anyway, let’s not wish our lives away; next week will come around soon enough.  It’s the weekend (well almost) and, therefore, lots to whet the appetite; the 6 nations resumes with England v Wales, which I will rush home for after D of E training, there is the small matter of the Manchester derby on Sunday (is there any other kind?) and it’s the sister-in-law’s birthday, so I will have to do my familial duty and show willing with a trip to Nantwich.  Cunningly, I have arranged a ‘friendly’ for my rugby team against Crewe & Nantwich on Sunday afternoon so I am hoping we’ll make it back to the in-laws in time for kick off!  Always thinking!

Enjoy whatever you have planned.

S Beeley