Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 5th July 2019

Good afternoon

I hope all our students are enjoying their extra day off?  The weather is certainly a blessing.  It’s a vitally important day for those of us in School today; the main theme is planning for the 2019-20 academic year.  Clearly, this is a process that takes longer than a single day but today helps to focus the mind, particularly at department level, on what our priorities might be and, ultimately, what we have learned from this year.  We certainly have a culture at Wellington that demands and supports constant improvement, individually and collectively, and we certainly won’t be resting on any laurels.  Today has demonstrated that.

Continuing the thread of the new academic cycle, we were delighted to welcome our new Year 7 parents on Monday night and then their offspring for our Induction Days on Wednesday and Thursday.  Two things struck me as my colleagues (Mrs Cooper, Mr Tomlinson, Mrs Dunne and Mrs Norbury) followed me in addressing the gathered masses on Monday evening; firstly, how strong the ‘pastoral’ ethos of the School now is and, secondly, the absolute (unscripted) consistency of message.  There are the odd occasions when colleagues and, indeed, students don’t seem to buy into what we’re all about, but the vast majority do and that’s what helps to get it so right for the next cohort that comes along.  The new Year 7’s yesterday seemed a great bunch; inevitably one or two with a few butterflies but they seem to have ‘fluttered’ away by 3 o’clock.  Some great feedback – two boys were heard describing their new Form Tutor as the ‘best teacher we’ve ever had’ and a handful of parents have been in touch to say their child has asked if they could now stay at Wellington rather than return to their primary school for the rest of the term.  Of course, we can’t wait to greet them all in September and it’s great to receive such plaudits but they ought not wish their lives away!  Enjoy the end of Year 6 and the summer holiday and cherish the memories; September will be here before you know it. 

Year 7 have a great team of staff supporting them next year, led by Mrs Dunne, Mr Tomlinson and Mrs Cooper, and they couldn’t hope for a better group to initiate them into life at Wellington. Thank you to all those colleagues for their input this week.  As I put on Twitter last night, thanks and well done must also go to the current Year 7’s who acted as T-buddies (T for transition) yesterday.  They clearly enjoyed their role (relished no longer being the ‘babies’, I suspect) and seemed extremely proud to show off their school.  They were mature, informative and, ultimately, superb role models for the next ‘generation’. 

Oh, nearly, forgot; I must also thank Mrs Moorhouse who was her usual dynamic self yesterday as she began preparations for the Awards Evening at the Bridgewater Hall in September by introducing the selected musical items to our new pupils.  If the progress I could hear from my office in a short amount of time yesterday is anything to go by, the performances on the night are going to be spectacular once again.  Bring your tissues, mums and dads!

I mentioned last Friday that I had to dash off to the Year 11 Prom at the Mercure Hotel in Manchester.  I was a bit concerned as this was a departure from our usual venue (Lancashire CC), due to the cricket world cup, which was tried and tested and has served us well.  The fact that we were at a city centre venue also concerned me but I needn’t have feared; it was another memorable night and students and staff alike had a thoroughly good time.  I have to say, my colleagues work incredibly hard in the best interests of our young people but I’m delighted they know how to let their hair down and ‘play hard’ too.  They really are great people and absolutely the sort I would want educating my kids.  The venue also allowed certain staff to nip off to the Northern Quarter afterwards for their own ‘after party’.  I blame Mr Holt – I really wanted to go home personally!

In about 45 minutes, I will be heading to the Year 13 ‘soirée’ at Bowdon Cricket Club to share a glass and a few memories and moments of nostalgia with our school leavers (I’ve got a meeting with a Health & Safety adviser first so I’m definitely going to need a drink after that, I reckon!).  I’ve said it several times before but we’ve been blessed with a great crop with this bunch; their results are set to be excellent and they’re just such a lovely group of young adults.  We wish them well this summer and beyond.

Right, well, on that note, I must bid you farewell.  Have a lovely weekend.

Just two more bulletins to write!  (I’ll miss it really!)

S Beeley