Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 29.09.17

Good afternoon.

First of all, a huge thank you to those of you who attended last night’s ‘£80K in our 80th year’ fundraising meeting.  We had staff, former staff, governors, parents, community partners, local businesses and even a parish councillor, in the form of Nathan Evans, represented at the gathering organised by our very own fundraising guru, Mrs Copeland.  By way of introduction, I spoke briefly about our aims for this year; quite simply to encapsulate that mantra of ‘making a difference’ and personify our school value of Community and the school aims that specifically reinforce this.  Raising (over!) £80,000 for our three chosen charities (and close ‘friends’) Prevent Breast Cancer, the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is the most obvious means of achieving this aim, but as a school community, we have the capacity and the desire to do so much more … and we will!

Judy, Sabina and Angela, the three charity representatives, delivered three incredibly moving and inspiring presentations and I am hoping to put links to the videos shown on the Home Page as soon as possible.  It is pretty much a given that our wonderful students and their families will raise between £35 – £40,000, so the challenge is how do we raise the other £40K +.  There was a real buzz in the hall last night and lots of fabulous ideas as to how we might reach that ambitious total.  If you weren’t at the meeting but would like to get involved or have any suggestions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

On the theme of fundraising, and thanks once again to the efforts of Mrs McDonnell, we held our annual Macmillan ‘coffee morning’ today with the customary staff bake-off.  There were some magical creations to delight the taste buds and no doubt a good amount raised for a great cause.  Thanks to former student Olivia Irving for providing a professionally made cake from her business ‘Classic Cakes by Olivia Jade’ as a raffle prize.

I referred earlier to what I see as our collective responsibility, ‘making a difference’, and it was with that in mind that I decided to launch M.A.D. club and we held the first meeting at lunch time today.  Numbers were small (6 of us) but high in quality and I’m sure representation will grow in the coming weeks.  I stressed to those present that I was keen for the club to be more than just a ‘talk shop’, hence the title, and that of course we would be discussing political issues, as they affect or are in fact synonymous with our everyday life, but it will be important to be ‘moved to action’ at some point.  We saw a real resurgence in the engagement with ‘politics’ and activism among young people in the recent General Election and I am hoping to capture that spirit and dynamism amongst our students.  Perhaps, you have some ideas of issues we can address or you would like to come and present to the group or know someone else who would?

It’s been a busy week for our sportsmen and women, as you can read for yourselves, with (by my reckoning) 3 rugby matches, 3 netball matches, 2 netball tournaments, 2 football matches and numerous other practices including a healthy turn-out for hockey, and I’ve probably neglected to mention other sporting activities.  I’ll leave you to browse the individual reports but there have clearly been some outstanding individual and team performances (some less than outstanding too but it’s early days still!).  Thank you to all the staff who have given up their time willingly to run teams this week and to parents for your support; it is all very much appreciated.

Great to read that Chess Club is booming under the guidance of Ms Gilbert in the LRC and our resident ‘grand master’, Mr Hennessy.  Think we may need to arrange a few competitive fixtures.

Thanks to Mr Williams for his report on 11.1 English but I must give a particular mention to Ella Richards’ fabulous swan drawing to represent the poetry the class were studying.

I cannot believe we have already completed 4 weeks of term and, furthermore, am incredulous at the amount that students and staff have managed to cram into those 4 weeks.  It is not only the quantity but also the quality of what people have achieved that never fails to stagger me.  Consequently, and I have said this many times before, here at Wellington we arrive at a Friday evening thoroughly exhausted but knowing it has been a ‘job well done’.  Long may that continue.

No doubt, our young people and my colleagues reward themselves in countless different ways for their endeavours over the previous 5 days; in my case, it is red, ideally served a little above room temperature and ‘breathing’ as we speak.

I hope you all get the chance to ‘treat’ yourselves over the weekend; after all, if YOU don’t, perhaps nobody else will.

S Beeley