Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 20th December 2019

Good morning

I need to be particularly focused this morning with a view to getting this bulletin polished off pretty quickly, as we have a fun-packed few hours ahead.  We’ve just finished our weekly SLT catch-up and the Staff pantomime will be starting shortly, so time is inevitably of the essence.  Gutted I wasn’t able to take part this year but I have no doubt that my colleagues will knock ‘em dead as always – panto stalwart and Head of MFL, Mrs Williams more often than not steals the show and her 2nd  in MFL, Mrs Ramsummair, displayed outstanding theatrical talent last year and no doubt will shine as Buttons! We also have a 6th Form rewards assembly and other little end of term treats to attend to.  As mentioned previously, I’ll be catching up with Arthur Collins, our Data Manager, later to bid him farewell and wish him a very happy and fruitful retirement after over a decade of outstanding service to Wellington School.  By its nature, Arthur’s work is often unseen and, therefore, unrecognised by many but we simply could not have managed without him. I know he has all sorts planned for the future and he very much deserves the additional R & R and time for himself, which he will now enjoy. Thank you Arthur.

The week got off to a truly brilliant start with our Carol Service at Christ Church, Timperley, on Monday evening; another great turn-out from the Wellington community with a packed Church and the staff, students and the community choir were fabulous.  I think I say it every year but the standard and range of music on show just seems to get better with every passing year.  Thanks to all those who took part or contributed in any way, particularly to Mrs Moorhouse and Miss Lee for preparing our musicians and choristers so superbly.  Thanks also to Reverend Jim for hosting us once again.

I am sure Mr Tomlinson, the Pastoral Managers and others will provide us with further details of this week’s rewards trips to the Trafford Centre and the rewards afternoon for others in School, but I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with around 30 little superstars from Years 7-9 for ‘Breakfast with the Boss’ on Tuesday, arranged by Mrs Cooper and Mr Tomlinson.  I really do think the evolving format, nature and criteria of our rewards activities allows us to capture ‘success’ in its varying forms amongst our young people.  After all, we all welcome and deserve recognition for our efforts and a ‘pat on the back’ at some point.   

Lots else to be reported on this week with additional articles from colleagues to read in Latest News no doubt: (to cite but a few) our ‘Oscars’ drama group finished their mini pantomime tour of local primary schools with visits to Cloverlea and Heyes Lane this week (thanks to Miss Bennett, Mrs Simpson and Miss Spencer); 65 lucky Year 7s got to see ‘The Grinch’ at the Lowry on Wednesday with Miss Hitchens and her team; we’ve had staff and 6th form Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Cash for Kids; the Social Science trip to Poland returned last night and Miss Grey, Mrs Shelley and a team of 6th Formers dropped off the sizeable stash of food items collected for the Timperley food bank on Wednesday afternoon.

With reference to the final point, those at the food bank were keen for us to stay and help do some sorting but, unfortunately, we weren’t forewarned of this and so were unable to oblige on this occasion.  We will, however, be offering our support in the future.  I won’t start a rant on how on earth have we reached the point where families in South Trafford are reliant on food banks in 2019 in the world’s 5th biggest economy!

I’ve just been interrupted (in a nice way) by Mr Tomlinson and Mrs Cooper and asked to present Darcy Le Boutillier in Year 8 with a Gold rewards badge; the first this year in Key Stage 3! Darcy is an absolute star and I was honoured to present her with this award in the company of two very proud colleagues.  I think there are a number of other Year 8s, not far behind Darcy, to whom we will be presenting Gold badges very soon.  What a great way to end the term!

One other significant event this week was the SLT Christmas night out; I can report that the food and wine were excellent (thanks to the gang at Tre Ciccio) and shenanigans were kept to a minimum (at least nothing worthy of Altrincham Today!).

Well, I really must press on with my day.  It is absolutely tempting fate to say I am indeed tired but surprisingly ‘with it’, energised and simply not unwell at the end of 15 weeks of Wellington-based action, antics and anecdotes.  Many will say that’s because I have an easy life, lording it up in my plush office drinking copious amounts of coffee whilst others do all the graft – and they may be right – but it has been a brilliant term once again and I cannot praise our students and my (genuinely peerless) colleagues for all they have done since September.  It really is quite remarkable.

I am ever the optimist and would never succumb to defeatist tendencies in any aspect of my life (it’s the Capricorn in me), but in the last week I have resigned myself to certain (temporary) realities of life and society – incidentally I’ve stopped watching the news altogether – consequently, I envisage beginning the new term and the New Year with an even more forensic focus on how we can make even more of a positive difference to the lives of our young people, my colleagues and the wider Wellington community.  If we each do this individually, as families, as schools, as communities, then maybe we can make the societal changes that seem increasingly urgent.  Just a thought.

Anyway, I am totally unprepared for Christmas (chances are others at home are not, so that’s a saving grace), as I can never think past the end of term.  I also have a ‘significant’ birthday on 29th December, which I am also unprepared for despite constant queries as to ‘what yer doin’ for yer birthday?’ I would add that I am not turning 60 as Mrs Cooper tried to persuade the students at ‘Breakfast with the Boss’, nor, I must confess, am I 30, which was my suggestion.  I’ll leave it at that.

To every student, colleague, parent, family member, governor, member of the wider community, thank you for making my job such a privilege (by the way, I don’t actually sit drinking hot beverages in my office all day) and thank you for taking time to read these weekly offerings and sharing in the achievements of our students and staff, after all that is why I do it.

I wish you the happiest, healthiest and most joyous of holidays and hope you spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

S Beeley