Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 20.12.18

Good afternoon.

This is going to be the shortest Headteacher’s bulletin on record as it is now 13.30, so the term finished over an hour ago, and I’m due to meet Mr Pinkerton to buy him a farewell pint. 

Mr Pinkerton was one of the four colleagues leaving us today; Mrs Maddison, Mrs Young and Mr Kempster were the others, as I have mentioned in previous reports.  Naturally we’re sad to see them go but, of course, wish them all the best of luck as they begin new chapters in their lives.

As is customary, we gathered in the staffroom once students had headed home, to hear a few words from and about our four colleagues.  What was evident, as always, was the sense of belonging, of community and of deep respect and care we share here at Wellington.

When I said my bit, I read out the words from a Christmas card I received this morning from a colleague:

“… good friendships have been made with great team spirit. That is because here at Wellington we go that extra mile and care at all levels.”

That’s the sort of place I want to work!

A great final week at School, beginning with the Carol Service on Monday evening, where performances, I have to say, were exceptional.  I was particularly impressed with the School Band and the choir’s performance of Coventry Carol.  Well done to all the students involved in the service and to Miss Lee, Mr O’Brien and Rob King, choir master.  Miss Lee provides further details in a separate piece.

The term ended with the staff pantomime to the Year 7s this morning.  Perhaps not quite the same standards of performance as witnessed at the Carol Service!  A huge thank you to staff for giving up their time to ‘rehearse’ and entertain our youngsters at the end of term when I know they’re shattered. 

There have also been a series of well-deserved rewards assemblies this week to cap another term of resounding success on so many levels.  Well done to everyone but particularly those prize-winners.

I personally think we’re doing a pretty good job here but our students and their parents will inevitably be the real judges of that.

Here’s the view of one young lady in Year 7 from another Christmas card I received today:

“.. I really love Wellington and feel like that I’m going to achieve something special and strive.  You’re changing lives like mine for the better.”

Wow!  What a sentiment to end a long but rewarding term, and doesn’t that make it all worthwhile?   As I say, not a bad place to work.

Thanks for all your support once again this term, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

S Beeley