Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 19th July 2019

Good afternoon

Well, we made it! And I have to say, we have done so in pretty spectacular style.  These are the words of one parent who emailed this morning;

“To Mr Beeley & all the staff at Wellington,

A massive big thank you for another wonderful school year!

What a way to round it all up with Wellyfest, 2 smiling children full of happy stories returned home this afternoon. It’s a joy to see!

Enjoy your summer, thank you for all you do.”

I missed Wellyfest last year as I was representing the School at the funeral of former pupil Bill Speakman VC in London, hence I was beside myself with giddiness ahead of yesterday’s extravaganza.  The day didn’t disappoint in the slightest and it would be impossible to pick out one particular favourite aspect or moment; the dodgems went down a treat, the 6th form helpers were superb, it was wonderful to welcome the children from Pictor School, the ‘open mic’ was busy all day with some ‘memorable’ performances, students seemed to relish launching wet sponges at me and my colleagues (some real venom at times!) and I strangely enjoyed having my festival make-up done, although explaining to Mrs Beeley why I returned home from School with a bag of wet clothes and covered in glitter proved a challenge.  I would have to say that the ‘highlight’ of yesterday has to be simply the atmosphere around the place; behaviour was impeccable, the site remained pretty much litter free, there was a constant joyous buzz for the whole 4 hours, I have never been thanked so frequently by students and as one of the cleaners said to me afterwards ‘I’ve never seen so many happy faces, Mr Beeley!’  That’ll do for me for an end to the school year.

But then, the icing on the cake, Wellyfest the Concert last night.  A mélange of musical talent from pupils past and present, magic, drama, synchronised swimming (no, that’s not a typo) from MFL, Mr Ashfield on his gondola (accompanied  expertly by Mr Morfee on the piano), Mr Travis serenading ‘baby Phoebe’, the 3 ‘single ladies’, the inimitable vocal ‘skills’ of Mr Cropper and all hosted by the very talented former student and singing sensation, Rob King (by the way, tickets are on sale for ‘an evening with Rob King’ at the Lowry in November, and Rob announced last night that he has invited our choir Sing to perform with him).  A huge thank you to all those who took part on stage or behind the scenes last night, but particularly to Mrs Moorhouse, who once again put on a brilliant show at a time of year when we are all on our knees!

As the email I quoted suggests, it has been ‘another wonderful school year’; from the results days last August, the Awards Evening in early September through to the myriad events in the summer term, culminating in Wellyfest yesterday, it’s been a pretty busy but hugely satisfying 2018-19 at Wellington.  I said a few words by way of thank you at the end of last night’s concert and I reflected that had someone told me in 1992, when I first entered the profession, that 27 years later I would be privileged enough to be Head of a school like Wellington, host a fun-day with dodgems et al and witness an evening of absolutely fabulous musical madness and mayhem to round off a truly spectacular year, I would have said ‘Yeah, I’ll take that!’  In short, I end the year bursting with pride and hope my colleagues, the students, their parents, our governors and everyone else associated with the Wellington community go into the summer break reflecting on a job well done.  You all deserve a damn good rest.

I also repeated last night something I’ve said countless times before; I believe, in education, we are in the business of providing opportunities and creating memories.  I have absolutely no doubt that yesterday, along with so many other occasions during this year, will live long in the memory, if not a life-time, for our young people.  Despite all the evident pressures on young people, with the right support and guidance, one’s school days should still be ‘happy days’.  Clearly, it is not always the case for every child at all times, but I do believe we are a ‘happy’ school (after all this is our first school aim) and a happy school is usually a successful school in so many ways as we’ve demonstrated this year.    

Happiness is a valuable commodity and there are many who would argue that there isn’t sufficient around at the moment.  I hope you find it in abundance this summer and perhaps spread a little too.   Thank you for all your support again this year in helping to make it such a thrilling success.  We’ll reflect, have a rest, unwind, take stock, a deep breath and be ready to go again in September.

Thank you and have a good one!

S Beeley