Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 19.05.17

Good afternoon.

Not a huge amount under ‘Latest News’ on the website this week, largely, I suspect, due to the start of GCSEs and (the one or two remaining) AS levels. Regardless, however, of it being a rather quiet news week, there is, and always would have been, only one place to start; Wellington School is the North West champion for both boys’ and girls’ Year 8 Handball!  Even I didn’t think that I would ever be writing that as a headline in a Headteacher’s weekly bulletin.  Miss Challinor (accompanied on the day by student teachers Miss Davies and Mr Ives) provides a detailed and passionate account of yesterday’s tournaments and I wouldn’t want to duplicate or steal her well-deserved ‘thunder’, so please read her report.  I was satisfied with becoming Trafford champions but to add the Greater Manchester and now North West titles to the collection surpasses all expectations.  Does national glory await? We shall see on Sunday 11th June in Worcester when the students take on the other regional winners.  Well done to all involved; three weeks of extra training and who knows?!

Well done also to the Year 11 students who have made an excellent start to the GCSE season.  There is never any point over-analysing their performance after an exam but most I have spoken to (teachers and students) feel that the papers have been fair and that they have done themselves justice.  Further challenges lie ahead next week with a pretty full schedule for many, including the whole cohort exams of English Lit and Maths.  I mentioned self-belief as the key last week but clearly stamina is going to be crucial as well; just think, folks, push through this week and then half term to gather your collective breath, take stock and re-energise!

We should also mention the Year 12 Mathematicians and Media Studies students (2 of the few remaining legacy AS subjects) and the Year 10 short course PE candidates, who have also been in action this week.  Again, the exams seem to have been well-received.

A bit of a food theme amongst the other items this week with the Year 9 tasting session in French with Mrs Ramsumair and Mrs Stevens, and Mrs Ryan’s competition to mark British Sandwich Week (isn’t every week sandwich week?!). Four great efforts from the finalists, so well done to you all.  It was a very close call (I really struggled to decide where to cast my vote) but congrats to Skye for a marvellous creation. 

On the subject of casting votes, could I encourage any of you with sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, friends etc who are now eligible to vote to make sure they are registered by the deadline on Monday. I remember being incredibly excited at the opportunity to exercise my democratic right for the first time at the age of 18. I know that many young people feel disenfranchised, that they are not listened to or that there is nothing of interest about politicians or politics, but I would have to disagree and discourage this view.  If our young adults don’t vote, don’t involve themselves in ‘politics’ in its broadest sense then inevitably the power-brokers will have less regard for their interests and wishes.  With 70% plus of 65 and overs voting compared to around 40% of 18-24 year olds, it is no surprise where the political parties will aim their (vote-winning) policies.  Show May, Corbyn and the rest that you do matter by turning out next month.  I read recently that in the last election, the now mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was campaigning for the Labour Party and on the last afternoon of campaigning he had a short amount of time remaining; he had to decide what his last port of call should be.  He chose a residential home over a 6th Form college based on the biggest likely impact and greatest yield.  All politicians are pragmatists; don’t be the forgotten generation.  As we always say at Wellington, ‘make a difference.’

I’m going to be brief this week, primarily because I have two days of Duke of Edinburgh expedition ahead of me with 80+ Year 9s and 13 colleagues.  Mr Gubbins has advised me that I need a tent, a sleeping bag and the like, none of which I currently possess.  I’m not sure where I might acquire such items at 6 o’clock on a Friday night.  I may just sleep under the stars, at one with nature, with my Kendal mint cake and cereal bars for company.  Mr Gubbins has promised me fine weather so, for the sake of his career, I hope he’s correct.   

Just to flag something up to you all; September sees the start of the 80th year of Wellington School in its various guises, and we intend to organise a range of celebrations and events.  If you have any bright ideas, would like to get involved or just galvanise your fellow alumni, then all support would be appreciated.  More to follow.

Anyway, whether you’re venturing outdoors, staying in to enjoy another fine weekend of sport on the telly or have other plans, take care and ‘have a good one’.

S Beeley