Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 18.01.19

Good afternoon.

I know I’m prone to saying this but I really will be brief this evening.  Principally because I’ve been out for what turned out to be five hours today on a panel at Sale Waterside (I won’t / can’t go into detail of course).  Consequently, I am shattered but also have a great deal of catching up to do before I head home for the weekend.  I don’t expect any sympathy!  In any case, lots of people commented last week’s bulletin was particularly long, so I suppose we’ve provided value for money.

The most disappointing consequence of my extended absence from School was that I missed my planned visit to Pictor School with MAD Club.  You will be aware that Pictor is one of our two chosen charities for this year’s fundraising.  Ahead of next week’s series of assemblies to launch the count-down to Sponsored Walk, I thought it would be helpful for some of our students to observe what goes on at Pictor.  Fortunately, Mr Holt and Mrs Copeland stood in for me and took 17 eager MAD Clubbers the short distance to our near neighbours.  It is fair to say that they were blown away by the work that is being done down there to support their wonderful young people.  It was, by all accounts, quite an emotional experience and one that confirms Pictor was absolutely the right choice as one of our charities.  I am reliably informed, unsurprisingly, that our own youngsters acquitted themselves extremely well and were a credit to the School.

Even without this first-hand experience, I’m sure the rest of our student body will be suitably galvanised to action after next week’s assemblies.  Pictor School will be joined, of course, by representatives of Timperley Boxing Club, our other chosen charity.  I am delighted by this year’s choices, made naturally by our students, as I genuinely believe the money we raise will make a significant difference and, furthermore, a closer relationship with both organisations will be of mutual benefit.  I often talk about building that spirit of altruism, selflessness and ‘giving’ in our young people.

Please, please, please can you get behind our fundraising efforts again this year.  We wouldn’t expect to hit the 80k target of last year – that was a one-off – but around 40k has become the norm in recent times and I’m sure we can ‘do’ that. 

Thanks to all those Year 11 parents who attended last night’s parents evening; there was, once again, a very positive ‘vibe’ overall.  I often say that it is my job to be paranoid and that paranoia tends to increase around this time of year, when one can hear the sound of ticking clocks getting louder and louder.  We are not quite where I would like to be with GCSE predictions at this point, so if you are a parent of a Year 11 student, I hope last night furnished you with some clear action points moving forward.  If not, get back in touch.  After all, second mocks are only four school weeks away and we need to see progress towards those targets.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are ever unsure of what you might do to support your child over the challenging weeks ahead.

I can’t comment on any other pieces submitted by colleagues this week as I haven’t had chance to read them, but I very much look forward to doing so later this evening. 

I won’t get started on politics this week (Theresa losing the ‘meaningful’ vote, Theresa winning a vote of no-confidence, Jeremy not coming out to play and much more besides), but I was about to settle down to Fiona Bruce and Question Time last night to satisfy my apparent ‘Brexit latest’ addiction, before I, purely by chance, discovered that Series 4 of Peaky Blinders had appeared on Netflix!  If you’re anything like me, you can’t just watch a single episode of ‘on demand’ TV like this, so you can imagine, it wasn’t an early night!  This has clearly added to this evening’s fatigue and my need to wrap up about now!

Thanks, by the way, for the feedback I invited last Friday on one or two items; this is always helpful in discussing and, ultimately, implementing change.

Anyway, have a great weekend.  I wonder how many of you have wilted under the pressures of ‘dry January’? 

S Beeley