Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 16.03.18

Good afternoon.

I really will have to be exceedingly brief on this occasion. I’ve just had to cram lots into a very busy Thursday ahead of a visit to Wrightington Hospital first thing tomorrow morning for an operation on a damaged right hand (years of sporting wear and tear, I’m afraid) that has now become rather debilitating.  The prospect of 6 weeks in plaster doesn’t fill me with joy, I have to say, but short-term pain for long-term gain, I suppose is the mantra.

Anyway, I won’t be able to type tomorrow or for quite some time actually, so I thought I’d just put a few words down on paper this evening.  I’m sure by this time tomorrow, there’ll be plenty for you to catch up with in Latest News. I suppose I could dictate a few ‘words of wisdom’ (Beeley waffle!) to Mrs Roberts to type up but I think the general anaesthetic may affect the creative process!

I won’t spoil your enjoyment of reading other contributions this week but I must say a huge well done to all the Year 7s for their project presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  The standard of both the projects themselves and the students’ presentation skills were something to behold.  A big thank you must also go to parents for their support and attendance on the evenings and similarly to all the staff who played a part in whatever capacity.  Congratulations to Mrs Shelley for the third and very successful Year 7 Project initiative.

Also, a big thank you to Year 8 and Mrs Warburton for organising and running the second of our three charity bake sales on Thursday. Well done on a fabulous amount of nearly £350 raised.

News just in from Mr Morgan that the Year 7 and 8 boys’ teams and the Year 8 girls’ team came first in Trafford in the indoor athletics last night and will now represent Trafford in the Greater Manchester Youth Games.  The Year 7 girls’ team also did commendably well finishing 2nd.

It’s been another busy week for trips with the likes of Science Fairs and UCAS Conventions and also a whole host of visiting speakers.  I’m sure my colleagues will furnish you with further details.

A disappointing turn-out at English extra lessons for Year 11 students this evening according to Miss Hitchens, so if you’re a parent of such a child and they did not attend please deliver the nudge required.  It is a shame when teachers give of their time and students fail to respond with the expected enthusiasm.  Granted many are fatigued after two weeks of mocks but it is ‘money in the bank’, as they say, so students mustn’t look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth.  We seem to have a winning formula, particularly in the English dept, and these extra lessons are part of that package.

Anyway, I need to get home and eat loads as I can’t eat after midnight ahead of the op (not sure that’s the right approach but never mind).  Enjoy your weekends.  I just hope both the England rugby team and Man Utd can restore a bit of pride after 2 diabolic performances this week.  One can’t really lose on Saturday with the rugby; England winning would be great but to witness a defeat with a Guinness on St Patrick’s day isn’t a bad consolation!

S Beeley